Square face tagles

These tut is Copy-right by Plien en zo, if you want to use the tut for your group, please ask me for  permission :o)

This tut is written in psp 8.04

What do you need:

nice tube

nice font ( I used JohannSparkling lt , download here )

Open the font and minimize, you can used it later on

Shape K ( download here  )

Unzip the shape in your shapes folder from psp.

Ok, let's begin :O) Good luck !!

1. Open a transparant image;  500 by 500 pixels

2. Open the tube as an image and duplicate (shift D) and minimize the copy, we need this one later.

3. Go to your crop tool and crop the left side and the top of your tube .....

see printscreen :O)

Dubble click with left in the middle and voila  :O) Minimize

4. Go to your transparant image and go to your preset shapes, search shape K . with these settings

 Make a nice square ( hold on your shift key, so you have a really nice square)

5. Go to layer one in your layerpalet ( not the vector layer )

6. Go to the tube you have crop before, edit, copy

7. Back to your work and paste as a new layer. Put the tube with your moovertool on the left side ( Maybe you must resixe the tube a little )

8. This layer duplicate ( see printscreen )

9. Image; mirror, move the tube with the moovertool to the right side of your square

10. Layers; merge layers; merge visible layers, and put this layer in your layerpalet on 20

11. Activate the original tube; Edit, Copy....

12. Back to your square and paste as a new layer.

13.Move the tube to a nice place

14. I have feather the bottom of the tube,

Go to selection tool freehand with these settings, see printscreen .....

And draw ( hold on your left mouse) the place you will feather. Click on your delete .... and isn't it beautiful :O)

See printscreen ....

15. Go to effects, 3D- effects, dropshadow with these settings, see printscreen :O)

16. Layers; merge layers; merge visible layers.

17. Ctrl C, Ctrl V.

18. Layers, merge layers , merge all layers

19. Maybe resize :O)

20. And now only the text :O)

21. Put your backgroundcolor on a nice color from your tube.( Foregroundcolor is locked)  Click on your texttool with these settings ( see printscreen :o)

22. Type ypur text or name, put it on a nice place

23. Select none ( Ctrl. D )

24. Save your tag

25. And ready :O)