Sunny Fairy Tag

These tut is Copy-right by Plien en zo, if you want to use the tut for your group, please ask me for  permission :o)

This tutorial is written in psp 7.04

What do you need:

A nice tube ( download here )

A nice font (I used Shifty Chica )

plugin DSB Flux ( download here )

plugin Funhouse (download hier  )

The plugins unzippen in your pluginnmap from psp., open the font and minimize.

Let's start :O) Succes ....

1. Open your tube as an image, edit, copy

2. Open a transparant image;  500 by 500 pixels, edit, paste as a new layer, the tube is perfect in the middle of your transparant image :o)

3. Go in the layerpalet to layer 1

4. Put your backgroundcolor on a dark color from your image and your foregroundcolor on a light one

My backgroundcolor is #E04830

My foregroundcolor is #FEA544

5. Put your style on gradient with these settings ( see printscreen :O)

6. Go to your  airbrush with these settings ( see printscreen :O) Do you see the paint brush on the right, click and then you must click on the paint brush again :O)

Go to the middle off your tube and click with left, 2 times perhaps :O)

7. Activate layer 1 in your layerpalet and click with right, duplicate and close this layer. Go back to your layer 1. This layer is active now.

8. Go to effects; plugin; funhouse; moire mirror with these settings ( see printscreen )

9. Activate the copy layer, we resize this layer a little :O)

10. Image; resize; with 85%

11. Go to your layerpalet and put it on 25, then lock the tube layer and go back to the copy layer.

12. Layers; merge; merge visible

13. Unlock the tube layer

14. Move the tube to a nice place :O)

15. We give the tube a dropshadow, effects, 3D-effects, dropshadow with these settings :O)

16. Again to your layerpalet :O) Go to the merge layer, click right and duplicate. Lock your copylayer and go back to the merge layer.

17. Effects; plugin; DSB Flux ; Radial smox with these settings, see printscreen :O)

18. Put this layer on 40 in your layerpalet. Unlock both layers and activate the toplayer

19. And now only the name :O)

20. Go to your texttool, with these settings ....

 Change foregroundcolor and backgroundcolor.( your backgroundcolor is the gradient )

21. Move the text a little bit and put it on a nice place

22. Layer; convert to rasterlayer

23. Effects, 3D-effects, innerbevel with these settings :O)

24. Effects, 3D-effects, dropshadow with the same settings as point 15, only the blur on 1

25. Layer,merge, merge visible

26. Ctrl C; Ctrl V

27 Layer, merge, all layers merge

28. Resize the tag with 75%

29. Save your new tag

31. Ready, and another tag is done :O)