Black Anime tagles

These tut is Copy-right by Plien en zo, if you want to use the tut for your group, please ask me for  permission :o)

This tutorial is written in psp 7.04

What do you need:

plugin Toadies (download here )

plugin Xenofex (download here )

plugin FM Tile Tools (download here )

nice tube

nice font ( I have use Freehand591 BT , download here )

The plugins unzippen in your pluginnmap from psp.

Let's start :O) Succes !!

1. Open a transparant image;  500 by 500 pixels

2. Open your tube as a image; edit; copy

3. Edit; paste as a new layer in your transparant image

4. Go to effects; plugins, Toadies, Plain Mosaic Blur with these settings :

5. Go to effects; plugins, Xenoflex 1.0, Crumple (setting Wrinkled Tissue)

(see printsreen :O)

6. Go to effects; plugins, FM Tile Tools, Blend Emboss with the default settings

7. Go to your layerpalet and move layer 2 to 50

8. Edit; paste as new layer ( your tube is back :o)

9. Move the tube with your movertool something to the right.

10. Effects; 3D effects; dropshadow with these settings ( see printscreen:O)

11. Layer, merge, merge all layers

12. Image, resize with these settings ( see printscreen:O)

13. Effects; sharpen;  sharpen

14. And now your text :O)

15. Go to your preset shapes and choose for rounded rectangle:

16. Draw a square around your creation :O) Be sure that it is a square  not a rectangle.

17. Go to your texttool and move  over de line of your square till you see a smiling mouth; click left

18. Put your setting as in the printscreen :o) 

Type your text with spaces between the words till the whole square is filled :O)

Sometimes you must try, to find out the best way, it depends what type size you use

19. Click ok

20. Go to your layerpalet and select layer 1. Click right and delete 

21. Go in your layerpalet to the floating layer 

22. Dropshadow with the same settings as you did at point 10

23. Selections, select none ( contr. D)

24. Control C

25. Control V

26. Layer, merge, merge all layers

27. Image; resize with 75 %

28.  Effects, sharpen, sharpen

29. Save your tag 

31. Done :O) Hope you enjoy making this tag