Falling Fairy tag

These tut is Copy-right by Plien en zo, if you want to use the tut for your group, please ask me for  permission :o)

This tut is written in psp 7.04

What do you need:

Tube (the tube I use, you find  here)

plugin DC Special (download here, you must have DC Pro-zip )

plugin Eye Candy 4000 

Leaf shape ( download  here )

Font Duchess (download here ) Open font and minimize

The plugins unzippen in your pluginmap from psp and the leafshape unzippen in your  shapesmap from psp

Let's start :O) 

1. Open a transparant image;  500 by 500 pixels

2. Put your foregroundcolor on #879A8D and your backgroundcolor on #874B0F

3. Go to your preset shapes and choose leaf with these settings:

4. Put your cursor (101 101) and move to (373, 373)

5. Go to image; rotate with these settings:

6. Effects, plugin, Eye Candy 4000, HSB noise with these settings:

7. Layerpalet and go to your leaf layer; click right and duplicate 

8. Put your copy leaf layer locked and go back to your leaf layer  (layer 1)

9. Effects; 3D effects; dropshadow ( hor. and vert. on 3, opacity 100, blur on 7)

10. Effects; plugin, DC-Special; Rain ( settings : wind on 76 and rain on 255)

11. Remove the glasses from the copy layer in your layerpalet

12. Effects; 3D effects; dropshadow ( hor. and vert. on 3, opacity 100, blur on 7)

13. Layers; merge; merge visible layers

14. Open the tube as an image, edit; copy

15. Go back to your work and paste as a new layer, put the tube with the moovertool on the perfect place :O)

16. Effects; 3D effects; dropshadow with the same settings as you use at point 12

17. Layers; merge;  merge visible layers

18. Control C

19. Control V

20. Merge all layers

21. Image; resize ; width on 300; 

22. Now only the text :O) Add a new layer

23. Click on your texttool with these settings ( see printscreen :o)

Foregroundcolor on #879A8D

Backgroundcolor on #49514C

24. Write your name

25. Effects; 3D effects; innerbevel with these settings:

26. Control D ( select none)

27. Go to your layerpalet and select layer 1 ( your text layer); click right and duplicate

28. Put your copy layer locked and go back to your textlayer

29. Effects; plugin; DC Special; Rain with the same settings as before

30. Remove the glasses in your layerpalet and select these layer

31. Effects; 3D effects; dropshadow ( hor. and vert. on 2, opacity on 100 and blur on 2)

32. Layers, merge, merge all layers

33. Effects, sharpen, sharpen

34. Save your tag 

35. Ready :O)