Flower Fifty Tag

This tut is Copy-right by Plien en zo, if you want to use the tut for your group, please ask me for  permission :o)

This tutorial is written with psp 7.04

What do you need :

flower tubes ( I use these, you can download it here )

plugin DC Special ( download here, you must have DC Pro-zip)

nice font ( I use Zinco font, download here )

Plugin unzippen in your pluginmap from psp, open the font and minimize :o)

Enjoy !!

1. Open a new transparant image; 500 by 500 pixels; 

2. Put your foregroundcolor on black and your backgroundcolor locked

3. Go to your preset shapes and choose the elips with these settings: 

4. Draw an elips in the middle of your transparant image, start at 100,100 and finish at 378, 367

5. Layers, new rasterlayer, ok

6. Chance your foregroundcolor in a beautiful color from your flowertubes uit je bloemtubes, I choose  #6AADDD 

7. Take your drawtool with these settings ( see printscreen :O)

8. Draw a line as a wave ( see printscreen :O)

9. Go to your layerpalet and select layer 1 ( the layer with the elips), click right and delete 

10. Then we make some thin little lines, take your drawtool and put the line on 1 (see printscreen :o)

11. Draw little lines ( see printscreen :O)

12. Open your flowertube as an image

13. Go to layer 1 staan in je lagen palet, edit; copy

14. Go to your image with the wreath; edit; paste as a new layer

15. Moove your flowertube with your moovertool on a nice place in the wreath 

16. Repeat point 14 and 15 twice

17. Go to layer 2 from your flowertubes , edit; copy and repeat  point 14, 15 ( 3 times)

18. Go to layer 3 from your flowertubes, edit; copy and repeat point 14,15 ( 3 times) 

19. If it's ok you must have something like this  ( see printscreen :O)

20. Layers, merge, merge visible layers 

21. Go to your layerpalet and click right on your merge layer; duplicate 

22. Lock your copy layer ( click on the glasses) and go back to your merge layer

23. Effects; plugins; DC Special; Rain with these settings ( see printscreen :O)

24. Remove the glasses from the copy layer in your layerpalet

25. Layers, merge, merge visible layers

26. Control C

27. Control V

28. Layers, merge, merge all layers

29. Image; resize with 75% ( don't forget effects; sharpen; sharpen)

30. Now only your name :O)

31. Chance your foregroundcolor in your backgroundcolor

32. Go to your drawtool with these settings ( see printscreen :o) 

33. Move the text in the middle of your wreath

34. Effects; 3D effects; inner bevel with these settings ( see printscreen:O)

35. Control D ( selection, select none)

36. Save your tag 

37. Ready, hope you enjoy the tut :o)