Flying Mouse Tag

These tut is Copy-right by Plien en zo, if you want to use the tut for your group, please ask me for  permission :o)

This tutorial is written with psp 7.04

What do you need:

Plugin dsb Flux (you can download it here )

Plugin MuRa Meisters (you can download it here )

nice tube (the tube I used you can find it here )

font Freehand591 BT ( You can find it here )

The plugins unzippen in your pluginmap from psp

Open the font and minimize :o)

Let's start, have fun with this tutorial :O)

1. Open a new transparant image; 500 by 500 pixels; 

2. Open your tube as an image; edit; copy 

3. Edit; paste as new layer in your transparant image 

4. Go to effects; plugins, dsb Flux, Gears with these settings :

5. Go to effects, plugins, dsb Flux, Bubbles with these settings:

6. Image; Resize with 65% :

7. Effects, sharpen, sharpen 

8. Effects, plugins, MuRa Meisters, Copies with these settings :

9. On the layerpalet we set layer 2 on 60 

10. Control L ( your tube is back on the image :o)

11. Layer, new raster layer, ok

12. Set your backgroundcolor locked and your foregroundcolor on black 

13. Go to your drawpencil with these settings :

14. Draw in the blue area a line something like this :o)

15. Click on your texttool and move over the black line till you see a smiling mouth under your A. Click with left and put your settings as in the printscreen :o)

16. Type thanks or your name each time with 2 space, till you are round 

17. Effects; 3D effects, dropshadow, hor. and vert. on 1, opacity on 100, blur on 1 and the color on  #6B84C9 

18. Go to your layerpalet on the layer with your drawline, click with right and delete.

Selections, select none ( contr. D)

19. Layer, merge, merge all layers

20. Image, resize with 55%, effects, sharpen, sharpen

21. Save your tag 

22. And ready :O)